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Our new developments are energy efficient, have lower maintenance costs and are more environmentally friendly than their older counterparts. Find your new home today.

Advantages of buying a new-build

  1. 10-year Warranty

    New-build homes come with a 10-year warranty covering structural defects. Most developers also provide their own two-year warranty.

  2. Completing on time

    Delays: properties aren’t always completed on time. If there’s a hold-up during construction, your mortgage offer could expire. High spec: new homes are built to the latest specifications, so major repairs should be unnecessary for the first few years.

  3. Energy-Efficient

    They tend to be more energy-efficient, too, so you could benefit from lower utility bills.

  4. Personalisation

    If you buy off-plan, you might be able to choose your fixtures and finishes. This is great if you’re attracted by the ‘blank canvas’ element of buying new-build.

  5. Smoother process

    There’s no upward chain to contend with when you buy a new-build home, which means you won’t be stuck waiting for someone to sell a property before you can move in.

Linden House

Kenyon Road, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Nelson BB9 5SP


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